Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Crucial Lunch

It was a tough day today and tomorrow is a day of meetings. I read up on the client I am supposed to meet tomorrow. She is one of our privileged clients and a fussy one too. It's about a new project, big enough to be critical. That meant early morning login, working on presentations, drawing feasability reports. That's a part of my job, and wasn't a great deal. 

What was however, was that my bosses thought I would be the best escort to the lady, as I was choosy about food and hospitality and my tastes were appreciated by all, on more than one occassions. On one side, I was proud to be noticed that way; on the other, I was cursing them for making up a reason to dump the role of a care taker. As if I had less work. 

All said and done, a task is a task and now I have to take the lady for lunch. The meeting was post-lunch, which means the lunch is as crucial and the responsibility is on me. And she hates it if it isn't planned. She loves Mediterranean food and she wanted to be treated with Greek pasta. Her choice of seating, I was told, was by the garden. Amidst all the work and tensions, where would I go searching for a place which made good Greek pasta and had seats overlooking the garden? 

How I wish I could go on to a website, select the restaurant based on the cuisine, and pick the table I want to reserve, like I booked my plane seats. 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anniversary Plans

It was a special day for me. I was up early, can you beat it, on a SUNDAY! I had shaved and showered and dressed, for the occassion. I used the new musk perfume, I got as a gift from her. She was coming home, after a long time. At least the 10 days of solitude, seemed long enough. I had planned our anniversary dinner, at this new restaurant nearby, with a romantic setting. And had planned how I would welcome her and draw her in my arms, the moment she entered the house.

And suddenly I realized, Nature had her own plans. It rained. Understatement; it poured, donkeys and buffaloes, if you know what I mean. That just meant the whole romantic dinning out, was washed down the drain.

Now, what else could I do to make the evening memorable, for us, I pondered. An idea struck. I could order her favorite dishes and still celebrate with a candle-lit diner. The food was a phone call away, from the same new restaurant; OK. Now, I am smiling. Then I felt something was missing. Ah! Champagne! Now where would I get that?

I sat back on the sofa dejected. How fine it would have been if I could just use my laptop, order the food, the flowers and probably even a decorator who could quicly design my dinning with exotic flowers and aromatic candles?! And of course the Champagne too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Food by Thought

Come rainy season, after a tiring day, fatigue invariably over powers
my desire to cook for myself and others. And again, its not that I
don't want to eat some hot delectable Biryani, or some authentic yummy
Pasta or even the sizzling Steak that I always thought I would have
today, and postponed it, for the lack of knowing the right place to
order from.

As hunger and boredom took over my senses, I found myself
involuntarily opening my refrigerator to divert myself from my lip-
licking thoughts, and settle for the brown bread and mixed fruit jam
lying in there since day before. I am health conscious, especially
when I have to convince myself that I will save loading up a couple of
calories by choosing brown bread over normal sweet bread. And then
again the desire to eat to my heart's content.

Tore between the food I want and the grub I have, I go for a second
(read external) opinion. Who better than Googlebaba?. I flip open my
laptop, enter password, and to the desktop. Today being Thursday (a
long day tomorrow, hence can't overload my tummy dear), and I being a
total vegetarian, I type "Yummy Vegetarian Pasta in Chembur", and I
get a huge list of unwanted forums, restaurant listings and a couple
of restaurant names lost within. Aw! Snap!

Wish I could just type what I needed and the website could suggest,
say, four best restaurants in my locality that serve amazing pasta,
the different pastas I can choose, their rate comparison and also a
way to add more cheese and a delivery boy who can bring my food to my
table. WOW!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Log On to Hog On!!

Time has never been anyones' possession. The clock ticks irrespective of whose watching it. The evolution of internet has brought with it the benefit of managing time efficiently. If you are clear of even an ounce of what you want you can possess it pretty fast being online. Such is the benefit of internet which has made it omnipresent. Today ordering food online is a burgeoining sector abroad and is slowly catching up in India too. The restaurants now see and realise the need of providing such a platform where a user can take smarter and faster decisions. Going to your favourite restaurant and relishing those tasty cuisine is no more a weekend activity.

All you need to do is LOG ON to HOG ON.....!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Next is What?

Ordering food online is the next big thing to happen in India. Online is the buzz word today. Consumers have become smarter and they embrace this change with their arms wide open. Today a consumer has his world online and does so many activities on his own virtual world. Be it finding a dream house, a dream life partner, a dream date, ........etc...etc. Internet has given them a platform to make informed choices. Consumer today knows what not to choose than what to choose. Imagine a website which tickles you taste buds by showing some mouth watering delicacies. And then gives you the power to have them too. All this on few clicks..

Slurps!! & Burp!!....:)